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Image of Haus 14, Golm
Photo: Uni Potsdam
Picture of our home - Golm House 14

Hi budding cognitive scientist!

Welcome to the website of the student representatives of the BSc, MSc and PhD programmes in cognitive science at the University of Potsdam. We work for you to have the best possible experience in your studies. Here, we communicate the results of our work: You can find resources to help you organize your studies, find career opportunities, stay up-to-date on events, and network with others!

Student spotlight

Get to know other students of cognitive science: Why are they interested in the field, what do they enjoy about the program, what do they enjoy outside of their studies? This is was students have told us about themselves in the past:

Lydia Brundisch

"Working in both labs has been very exciting so far."

Lydia Brundisch is a member of the winter 2020 master cohort. She is a student rep and interested in learning from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Picture of Lotta

"I really like brains!"

Lotta Winkler is a member of the 2018 master cohort. She talked to us about her master thesis on neuromodulation with taVNS.

Picture of Marta

"I love the brain and getting to know all there is about it"

Marta Urbaniak is part of the 2019 master cohort and a past student rep. When we talked to her, she was finishing her master's thesis. She has since begun her PhD on neuroplasticity and blindness.