We Work For You!

The COSEC Student Council (FSR) represents the students of the master’s program “Cognitive Science – Embodied Cognition”.  We are a group of students elected by the COSEC student body who want to stand for your interests and aid you in any way possible during your study.

Pursuing a Post Graduate Degree and/or starting your journey in a new foreign country can raise a lot of questions. Our aim is to make this time as easy and enjoyable as possible by assisting you in your queries and hurdles.  Additionally, we are your voice when bringing up concerns and other issues to professors and other University authorities.

The Student Representatives are also members of the CoSEC Study Board along with some of our Professors. The Study Board acts as a space to mediate between lecturers and students, and make student needs known to the Study Boad. Since our study program is still in its infancy, it is normal to encounter some organizational issues and structural changes. As is expected, these changes and adjustments  can be challenging for everyone. We are constantly at work to help you understand and navigate these challenges.  Additionally, we are also happy to give you some guidance about courses and general advice when needed so feel free to reach out.

Now the fun part; for freshmen, we organize some introduction events and also some get-togethers for all COSEC students to get to know each other. Part of our plans are also a little Christmas party and maybe some barbecues in summer. While COVID has currently put a damper on these small indulgences, we can't wait for life to normalise and get back to meeting everyone in person and not just as tiny boxes on our computers! We would also love to hear your ideas and suggestions of fun activities to do together, too.

You are warmly invited to join us and help us and your fellow students having a good time at Uni Potsdam!


During COVID: Come join us for our weekly Zoom meetings on Monday, 5PM! Contact us at cosec-studentrepuni-potsdamde for a link!

After COVID: You can visit and/or join us, we have a room … in the basement … come and chill (really, it is cold there) … super cool, especially in summer … (emoji with sunglasses)

Office: Campus Golm, House 14, Room K-0.38/0.39 (office hours by appointments only)