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Doctoral Fellows

Sofia Apostolidou

Analysing Fatness: How Fatness is Perceived in Different Western Contexts

Yael Attia

The Colonial Other of Jewish Political Thought

Hinemoana Baker

'You're not the Māori I Had in Mind': Māori and non- Māori Performing Indigeneity on European and German Stages in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Jan Dammel

Theatre and German Colonialism: Ideology, Resistance and Post-Colonial Hierarchies

Priyam Goswami Choudhury

Hybrid Cross-Pollinations: Re-reading Postcolonial Indian English Poetry as Networks of Publishing

Baldeep Kaur Grewal

Excavations: Narrating Postcolonial Cultures and Futures Across Infrastructures of Opium, Oil and Plastic

Johanna Heide

Re-reading the American 'Archive of Slavery' Through a Gendered Lens

Saskia Köbschall

Colonial Entanglements: Nudism and the Making of the Modern (white) Body

Anne Maabjerg Mikkelsen

Legal Inscriptions of River Goddesses: Political Appropriations or New Stories of Divine Subversions?

Kathleen Louise Samson

After Hope: Embodied Labour, Communities of Care, and Endurance-as-Hope in Postcolonial City Texts

Tori Sinanan

Mapping (under)development: A Situational Analysis of Rural Survival in East Trinidad

Hannah Vögele

Dispossessing Bodies: Resisting the Violence of Property

Irene Hilden

Absent Presences in the Colonial Archive: Dealing with the Berlin Sound Archive’s Acoustic Heritage

Anouk Madörin

Between colony and crisis. (Post)visual surveillance beyond the European border regime

Moses März

Edouard Glissant’s Politics of Relation and the Imagination of the World-Community

Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss

Subverting Spaces: Politics of Embodiment and Solidarity in a Condition of Digital Ubiquity

Mariya Nikolova

Re-Considering American Avant-Garde and Neo-Avant-Garde Literature: Tropes of Futurity and Renewal

Julia von Sigsfeld

‘Decolonial Cosmopolitics’ in the Ecuadorian Andes

Sikho Siyotula

Visualising Southern African Late Iron Age Settlements in the Digital Age

Heinrich Wilke

The Order of Destruction: Monoculture in Colonial Caribbean Literature and Beyond

Associated Doctoral Fellows

Florian Schybilski

Modernity as Salvation

Lucienne Wagner

Potentials, Practices and Prospects of Diversity in the German Context of Higher Education

Oduor Obura

Rethinking Childhood and Postcoloniality in East African Fiction

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Kylie Crane

Crusoe’s Archipelagoes

Dr. Zairong Xiang

White Men Saving the Queens? Decolonizing Queer Theory