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International and post-colonial scope

The qualification programme reflects the international and postcolonial scope of the research design:

  • Each PhD project will be supervised by two experts from Potsdam/Berlin and one expert from an international partner university in Australia, India, South Africa or North America.
  • Each RTG doctoral researcher will spend one semester abroad (+-5 months) at the institution of his/her international supervisor, where a second international partner will coach and mentor the doctoral researcher in practical and propaedeutic matters. In the case of Joint Degrees, longer stays may be required.
  • Each RTG doctorate researcher as well as each RTG postdoc will be involved in the organisation of an international summer or winter school to be held at one of the overseas partner institutions.

These measures ensure that RTG researchers will be supported by experts from various locations within global academia and thereby gain a sustained insight into academic environments and approaches beyond the range of European protocols.