About us


The CogSys Student Council (FSR) is the voice of students studying in the Master’s programme “Cognitive Systems”. The CogSys FSR was formed on the 14th of July 2017. It consists of up to 13 members elected by the students of the Master’s programme. Apart from representing your interests in the councils (for example the VeFa and the StuKo) of the University of Potsdam, we also organise parties and events that contribute to the spirit of the programme.

  • Alongside the committee work, we want to help you wherever we can, e.g. by supporting your project or by giving you advice in study affairs.
  • Additionally, as already mentioned, we organise various parties (e.g. the yearly Christmas Party) and other social events, like the freshmen introduction or canoe tours. We’ve even organised a trip to Toulouse in Spring 2017.
  • You are also warmly welcome to the almost-weekly Stammtisch (regulars’ table) which takes place in either Potsdam or Berlin.
  • Most of the spontaneous events, for instance the Stammtisch, are announced via Slack, so make sure to get an invitation to our workspace (just send an email to cogsys-fsr@uni-potsdam.de).


Among other responsibilities, our tasks are:

  • representing concerns and interests of students in the Master’s programme “Cognitive Systems: Language, Learning and Reasoning”
  • course guidance and advice from students to students
  • organising events (freshmen introduction, Christmas party, kayak tour, barbecues etc)
  • representation of the CogSys student association in committees (e.g. study commission, VeFa, AStA, StuPa)
  • offering support, e.g. by giving a Python intro class or other tutorials
  • being the voice of students
  • providing study books
  • providing a place to relax and meet your fellow students (office) 
  • organising meetups


Office: Campus Golm, House 14, Room K-0.38/0.39 (office hours by appointments only)


  • VeFa: Versammlung der Fachschaften (assembly of all student councils of the University of Potsdam)
  • StuKo: Studienkommission (Study commission, improvement and advancement of the study regulations)
  • StuPa: Studierendenparlament der Universität Potsdam (Study Parliament)
  • AStA: Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (represent students’ interests in public and politics of the university)