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Age: 26  |  Nationality: Indian

Your favorite spots in Potsdam/ Berlin / surroundings? 

I love exploring the blend of culture and history in Berlin. The Museum Insel is a favorite, with its rich collection of art and artifacts. In Potsdam, Sanssouci Park with its palaces and gardens offers a perfect escape from the city buzz. I also enjoy the vibrant street art and café culture Berlin.

What are the places and moments that make you feel home here? And what do you miss from back home?

Walking along the Spree on a sunny day makes me feel at home, reminding me of similar spots back home. I miss my family's traditional meals the most—there's something about the food from home that's irreplaceable.

The most surprising thing about Germany?

When I first arrived in Germany, I was surprised to find that Sundays here are a day of quiet and rest, with almost all shops closed. Adapting to this change was a shift for me, providing a weekly pause to relax before the start of another busy week.

Tell us about your degree program. How did you get interested in your field of study? What are the classes you like most in your program?

My program in Master in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is incredibly engaging. I was drawn to this field by my curiosity about mechanisms of living organisms. Courses and internships on genetic engineering and molecular diagnostics are among my favorites because they directly apply to innovative medical therapies.

What is different from the studies at your home university?

Here, there's a strong emphasis on research and practical experience. There's a closer collaboration between academia and industry.

Your studies are in English – What about your German skills?

Though my courses are in English, I'm learning German. It’s challenging, but I'm gradually improving, especially with the help of my German friends and immersive local experiences.

How do you keep a good work-life balance? Any advice for your fellow students?

To maintain a good work-life balance, I focus on organizing my day well and making time for fun and relaxation. I make a daily plan that includes both study sessions and breaks for hobbies like going for a walk or meeting friends. Spending time outdoors and having a structured schedule really help keep stress away and make my days more enjoyable.

The winter is finally over! What are your spring and summer highlights?

Spring and summer in Berlin are my favorite times of the year because the city bursts into life with lush parks and exciting festivals. I particularly love attending the various food festivals that pop up, where I can taste dishes from around the world and indulge in local specialties.

Your future plans:

Once I complete my studies in biochemistry and molecular biology, I plan to focus on research that integrates these areas with public health. I'm particularly excited about working in labs that are at the forefront of medical research, exploring new treatments and technologies.