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Public relations (PR) managers work in press and public relations departments developing communication processes that enhance the image of companies and other institutions. It is all about the conscious design/shaping of communication relationships between organizations/companies and their stakeholder groups. After a prior analysis of the initial and target situation, public relations managers position the organization/company in the public sphere in a manner appropriate to the situation. For this purpose, they utilize communication channels such as press releases, blogs or social media. PR is a cross-sector activity that can be carried out in an internal PR department of a company, an external PR agency or as a freelancer. External PR activities as a service for others is also called PR or communication consulting. Depending on context, job advertisements may also use various other terms such as PR officer, communications manager or campaign manager for this job, and the content can also vary from internal communication to online communication. Political campaigning is also similar, as it mainly consists of PR activities.
In addition to an affinity for texts and the media, practical experience from part-time jobs, internships or volunteering are particularly important for embarking on this career path. Since most of today's communication takes place online, experience in dealing with the various social media channels is usually required as well.

Claudia Thieße

Claudia Thieße

works in the press and public relations department of the Sanssouci Music Festival and the Nikolaisaal Potsdam. Liane von Droste

Liane von Droste

Liane von Droste

does public relations work for her own book-publishing house and external clients

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