Peter Matzke

Portrait von Peter Matzke

Managing Director

of the Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig GmbH & Co KG

What did you study?

I studied history and have been working as a cultural worker (employed and freelance) and in the cultural department of the city of Leipzig for about 30 years.


What were the last three things you did at work?

  • Took out new commercial liability insurance for the company.
  • Took out a monthly environmental ticket subscription for a colleague.
  • Booked five hotel rooms for artists.


If all options were open, what kind of project would you like to set up?

A large artistic-dance choreography on the market square.


What is it that defines work in the cultural sector for you, what qualities do you have to bring along?

You need openness in thinking, dedication, enthusiasm, teamwork and willingness to make sacrifices.


What do you think characterizes a good cultural program?

That it goes down well with those for whom it was made.


What is your source of inspiration for new ideas?


Do you work more theoretically or practically?  

Both, depending on what is necessary.

Who do you have most contact with every day (curators, artists, suppliers, visitors ...)?

In the following order: employees, visitors, artists (or their agencies), service providers.