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Call for Applications: Visiting Research Fellowship

The Human Rights Centre of the University of Potsdam (MRZ) started its activities in 1994. Since then, it has become a leading academic research centre for human rights issues, dealing with them both from an international law and a philosophical perspective. It is linked to the university’s Law Faculty and to its Philosophical Institute and is home of the journal “MenschenRechtsMagazin”. From 1994 to 2009, MRZ was headed by Eckart Klein, a lawyer and a member of the UN Human Rights Committee 1995-2002), from 2001-2008 jointly with Christoph Menke, a philosopher. Its current directors are Andreas Zimmermann, a lawyer, and Logi Gunnarsson, a philosopher.

MRZ is a member of the Association of Human Rights Institutes, one of the leading international networks in the field of human rights. The research and teaching staff is engaged in various national and international academic associations.

We encourage human rights academics, researchers and practitioners to spend a period of time conducting research at MRZ. They may be on sabbatical leave from their normal employment, or sponsored directly by other organisations. They may be embarking on doctoral as well as post-doctoral research.

Visits may start at any time during the year, subject to agreement between each individual fellow and the Centre; they should normally run for between three or twelve months, with at least two months being in term-time.

Applications can only be considered from those who already have (or expect to have) adequate financial support.

We offer a working space in the Centre; Long-term visiting research fellows may be provided, if necessary, with a university login and email address. We offer the possibility to play an active part in the intellectual life of MRZ and both faculties.

The University of Potsdam may give support under the general terms for foreign researchers (see:

Please send your application, including a summary CV, an outline of your research project, and an academic reference in support for your application, at least three months in advance of the proposed start date to Prof. Dr. Norman Weiß (weissuni-potsdamde).