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Mitglieder der Gruppe Complexity Science
A semiar room full of people, someone at the blackboard is giving a talk. -

Members of the Group | Photo: K. Wiesner


Presentation of Results | Photo: K. Wiesner

Group Complexity Science

What connects physics with neural networks, ant colonies or social systems? Complexity science deals with this question, among others. Using methods from statistical physics and information theory, we investigate the fundamentals of complex systems and study and model concrete application examples. Current research topics are the behavior of democracies and autocracies and neural networks as complex systems.

Das Cover des Buches "What is a Complex System" von James Ladyman und Karoline WIesner. Es zeigt Ameisen, die von oben ins Bild laufen.

What is a Complex System

James Ladyman's and Karoline Wiesner's introduction to Complexity Science (2020)