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Qualification Program

The research program is underpinned by a qualification and gender equality concept that encourages junior scholars from both Germany and abroad to engage with neighboring disciplines; to ground their studies theoretically; to acquire the necessary research skills; to gain international experience; and to prepare them for future careers in academia and in the public sector.
The RTG provides for a common frame of reference through:

  • a shared interest in public administration as a specific type of public organization;
  • a shared theoretical orientation towards organizational, and especially administrative, research and theories;
  • interdisciplinary co-operation between Political and Administrative Sciences; Organizational and Administrative Sociology; and Public Management.

It encourages variety in the research projects to be pursued through:

  • systematic variation in the administrative settings to be explored;
  • openness to both intraorganizational and interorganizational perspectives;
  • receptivity to different theoretical perspectives, notably, but not exclusively, variants of neo-institutionalism, and methodological pluralism.

Here you can find more detailed information on our

Course Program
Supervision Strategy
Additional Qualification Measures
Gender Equality Program