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Pillar 1: PhD colloquiums

The PhD colloquium is a mandatory part of WIPCAD’s qualification program. Reflecting on the specific needs and schedules of the participants, the colloquium’s sessions are organized in different formats. Most sessions, however, take place on a biweekly basis.

First semester doctoral researchers are expected to regularly present their research proposal and refine their thesis’ topic throughout the semester, particularly by developing the theoretical framework and defining research question(s), research methods and research design.

Second semester students will present and eventually submit a draft research proposal outlining the final design of their research.

During the third or fourth semester, doctoral researchers will regularly present status reports on their empirical work carried out so far. They will discuss their experiences in field research and reflect upon any potential adjustments to the dissertation’s research design.

By the fifth semester, each doctoral researcher is expected to submit at least one chapter of his/her thesis or an article/ paper in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a cumulative dissertation.