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Gender Equality Program

The University of Potsdam is committed to promoting genuine equality between women and men. It aims at eliminating existing disadvantages and works towards a reconciliation of work, study and family.
Equal opportunities in science and academia are a trademark of Potsdam University. Our previous endeavours have been recognized with the TOTAL E-QUALITY AWARD (2002, 2005, 2008), awarded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Our gender equality approach raises awareness of gender-specific career barriers. The positive review of our concept in the context of the „Female Lecturer Program‟ (2008) shows that the University follows a strategic master plan to implement gender equality. After a trial phase, this program has been permanently implemented so as to raise the attractiveness of an academic career for women. As a member institution of the DFG, Potsdam University has agreed in 2009 to key figures to boost the proportion of women at the various levels of qualification. This will be achieved by further expanding the structural and personal standards of equality. The successful career advancement of women is incorporated into the in-house scheme for allocating resources.

WIPCAD’s special measures in the field of gender equality include

  • gender equity in the award of scholarships;
  • a tailored mentoring program to support female PhD students and post-docs in their work and offer career-coaching;
  • the University’s internal „bridge-program‟ can – in the case of interruptions in the qualification process because of pregnancy and childbirth, care for young children or family members – allow the deferred conclusion of a qualification process through additional funding;
  • to compensate for family-caused absence (pregnancy, illness, maternity leave) DFG funds for measures to support gender equality are employed;
  • the provision of additional childcare, arising, for example, through participation in a conference lasting several days, research field trips, weekend events is to be arranged through the Service for Families. Expenditure will be borne by DFG funds for measures to support gender equality;
  • gender equality funds are made available to those who need extra time to finish their dissertations due to childcare obligations;
  • annual feedback workshops in corporation with the Faculty’s and the University’s Equal Opportunities Officers will help to review the existing support measures and, where necessary, revise procedures and offerings.

The University’s Coordination Office for Gender Equality helps to coordinate all these efforts.