Prof. Dr. Robert Seckler

Prof. Robert Seckler
Foto: S. Stache

Robert Seckler obtained a Biochemistry Diploma Degree at the University of Tübingen in 1981 and a doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.) from the same university in 1984 for immunochemical work performed at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biology on the structure and orientation of the lactose permease in the cytoplasmic membrane of Escherichia coli. His habilitation (doctor rerum naturalium habilitatus) was awarded in 1993 by the University of Regensburg. The topic of his habilitation thesis was "Protein Folding in vivo and in vitro: stability and stabilization of intermediates". Current research in his group focuses on protein folding mechanisms, on the assembly of multisubunit complexes and viral particles, and on the recognition of ligands, in particular of complex carbohydrates, by proteins.
Robert Seckler currently holds the position of the University of Potsdam Vice President for Research and Junior Academics.

Contact: Phone: +49-331-977-5240     Fax: +49-331-977-5062    Email: seckler{at}

Some biographical data:
1998-presentFull Professor of Physical Biochemistry, Potsdam University
1994-1997Reader / Sr. Research Associate (Oberassistent), University of Regensburg
1988-1993Lecturer (Akad. Rat), Physical Biochemistry, University of Regensburg
1985-1988Postdoctoral Fellow, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
1982-1985Research Scientist, Max-Planck-Institute for Biology, Tübingen
2011-presentUniversity of Potsdam Vice President for Research and Junior Academics
2011-presentMember, Accreditation Commission, Acquin e.V.
2008-2011President of the University Senate, Potsdam University
2002-2006Dean, Faculty of Sciences, Potsdam University
2002-2009Speaker/coordinator, DFG research unit 475 (beta-sheet formation)
Prof. Robert Seckler
Foto: S. Stache