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Online Course on Openness in Science and Innovation

The University of Potsdam publishes Open Educational Ressources (OER) for the online Course "The Concept of Openness in Science and Innovation" on the Open Science Framework (OSF) at doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/2NRMX

"Given the existing global problems (such as climate change, pandemics and water scarcity) as well as the challenges that arise in connection with the digital transformation, society is facing profound and permanent changes. At the University of Potsdam we are producing an online course with the support of experts in the field of Open Science and Open Innovation. The online course is based on the hypothesis that openness is an indispensable approach in science and society and contributes significantly to the creation of innovative solutions. The concept of openness as understood in the course is based on a new understanding of how knowledge is produced and disseminated. This has consequences for research as well as for economic value creation processes. Open Science and Open Innovation are two approaches that take up this concept of openness. In the course “The Concept of Openness in Science and Innovation”, the students get to know and apply different methods of openness and collaboration from both approaches" - Description on OSF doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/2NRMX

The course is also available on the MOOC-plattform FutureLearn.



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