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I want to take an FM that I am not obliged to take (the coordinator did not tell me to take it). Is it possible?

No, it is not. Imagine you are a linguist and want to take the linguistics FM for easy credit—  that would be unfair to others and you wouldn’t learn anything new.

How many tries do I have for an exam?

  • Every exam (except for the Master’s thesis) can be repeated twice (see Bachelor-Master regulations §13.2)
  • Examinations not passed in the first semester are treated as if they were not taken (§13.1). The examinations not passed in the 1st semester are only marked "failed" in PULS system, but they will not count as a failed try. 
  • The regulations of the Cognitive Systems program: click here
  • General bachelor-master regulations (“BAMA-O”): click here

How do I register for exams?

  • You register via PULS ( under My Modules. You’ll need your TAN list which you will receive by mail in the beginning of your studies. It is recommended to generate a PDF with TANs (also possible via PULS), so you don't loose that single sheet.
  • Sometimes there are different regulations than that (e.g. for IDA), but the instructor(s) will tell you what to do. If not, ask us :)

How do I register for classes?

You register via PULS ( . You’ll need your TAN list for this.

How much time do I have for registering?

Usually four weeks.

What happens if I miss the register deadline?

You can’t take the class for credit.

What happens if I don’t show up to an exam I registered for (illness, …)?

You need to have a medical certificate to be allowed to do the exam on another day.

What happens if I registered for a class but do not complete the class?

You will get “failed” in PULS, but you are allowed to retake the class.

My grade isn’t in PULS yet. What do I do?

Usually, it takes some time until the grades are added to PULS by the examination office people. If it takes too long, ask the instructor of the class, sometimes they forget to send the grades to PULS.

When is the course list for the next semester going online?

~ September 15 for winter semester, ~ March 15 for summer semester

we will also post a link to it on the FSR website

I need help in BM/FM xyz. Is there any student who could answer my question?

If you have a specific on-topic question you should check the Slack channel for the module to see whether your question has already been answered or pose the question yourself. 

If you have general trouble with the module or lecturer, don’t hesitate to contact  the student council

I can’t do 30 ECTS per semester and I struggle to see how I’ll get through the study plan in 4 semesters.

Don’t worry, be happy, we don’t all succeed within 4 semesters. You may want to do the BM2 in your second semester, because some ML courses require that knowledge.

Nobody ever did finish this programme in 4 semesters (yet).

Who do I contact when I want to participate in the ERASMUS program?

Torsten Schaub (Torsten Schaub's page)

Who do I contact when I collected ECTS at another university (ERASMUS)?

Manfred Stede (Manfred Stede's page)

Where do I get the certificate of enrollment for the current semester?

Make sure you paid the fee for the respective semester. You can then find it in PULS under My Documents (Study reports).

What happens if I miss the deadline for paying the fee?

You’ll have to pay around 10,23€ for being late, and you will get a reminder. 

If you have not re-registered despite overdue notices and the threat of de-registration, then you will be de-registered officially at the end of the current semester.” (

Dates and deadlines:

Semester specific dates & deadlines:

How can I access scientific resources through university services?

1. Go to the university library’s website at
2. Select "Recherche" ("Search Collections") -> "Fachdatenbanken" ("Databases")
3. Select DBIS
Unfortunately, the DataBase InfoSystem (DBIS) page is in German only, but basically all you need to do is to search for the resource you are looking for, click on the link (if you are lucky, and it’s there) and you should have access to the papers and journals.