Hello everyone,

we hope you are enjoying the semester break (or the exams, to each his own). The schedule for the upcoming semester has been announced on PULS. Here are the courses as a table. Some time slots might still change! We are aware of the clashing courses problem, we are working on it so that you guys can take everything you want! schedule

Another announcement: FSR is organising a weekend CogSys trip to Poland.  April, 28-29 we are going to Poznań. Price: Around 50€ (40€ bus, 10€ hostel) + food. (There’s also good chance that you will get some money back. More information will follow soon). We have only 6 spots left, so be sure to register fast!! Here’s the link for the registration: https://goo.gl/forms/zFT01p2Or536uddT2