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Summer School ISOLDE: Registration

The online registration has been extended to May 5.

Registration fee

The registration fee is 100 €.
After registering you will receive an email with the bank information. The money (fee + accommodation costs) should be transferred within two weeks after registration.
Please note that the confirmation email is not sent automatically - it may take up to a day.


We offer accomodation in Potsdam (at additional charge). There are two choices:

  1. 6-11 July (Sun-Fri), Potsdam Hostel
    bed in a 4-5-bed-room (19 € per night), space for 10 people,

  2. 6-12 July (Sun-Sat), Swimming hostel
    bed in 3 or 4-bed-room (16 € per night), space for 15 people

The Potsdam Hostel also offers 2-bed-rooms (simple: 39 € per night, comfort: 59 € per night). These rooms can be booked individually on their website.

Registration Form

The registration has been closed on May 5th.



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Organizing team
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Tom Fritzsche

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