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Lucha y Resistencia Shuar en la Amazonía Ecuatoriana

Etsa Franklin Sharupi

by Julia von Sigsfeld

Etsa Franklin Sharupi, of Shuar/Quijos nationality, is coordinator of the education commission of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE) and former representative of the Federation of Shuar Nationaltiy of Pastaza (FENASH-P). Franklin is concerned with the socio-cultural and environmental consequencues of extractivism and concomittantly with rethinking/overcoming ‘development’ in terms of reconciling the economic model with Shuar understandings of a “good life/integral life” (“penkar matsamsatin”), as well as with the possibilities of intercultural pedagogies for horizontalised conviviality. Therefore, and because Franklin is interested in engaging in intercultural dialogues with academics and activists from the Global North, he agreed to engage with the framework of the Research Training Group in thinking about minor cosmopolitanisms/minor cosmopolitics. In his talk, Franklin focussed specifically on Shuar resistance in the Ecuadorian Amazon and on the potentials and pitfalls of community turism as an alternative income source. The lecture was made possible with the support from Prof. Dr. Nicole Waller in the framework of her seminar “Indigeneities” at the University of Potsdam in the Summer Semester of 2018.

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Etsa Franklin Sharupi