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Local Public Sector Reforms in Times of Crisis: National Trajectories and International Comparisons

Herausgegeben von Sabine Kuhlmann und Geert Bouckaert

Palgrave McMillan; Serie “Governance and Public Management”



Vorläufiges Inhaltsverzeichnis


Introduction (Sabine Kuhlmann/Geert Bouckaert)


Part I: Re-scaling local governance: amalgamation, cooperation, territorial consolidation

Choice of Territorial Structure and Amalgamation Reforms: A Comparative Study in European Countries (Steiner, Reto/Kaiser, Claire/Eythórsson, Grétar Thór)

Facilitators for Municipal Amalgamations: A Comparative Case Study of the Netherlands and Flanders (Broekema, Wout/Steen, Trui/Wayenberg, Ellen)

What Causes Municipal Amalgamation Reform? Rational Explanations meet Western European Experiences, 1993–2013 (Askim, Jostein/Klausen, Jan Erling/Vabo, Signy Irene)

Does Inter-Municipal Cooperation Help to Overcome Territorial Fragmentation? Comparative Analysis of Selected European Cases in Times of Crisis (Franzke, Jochen/Klimovský, Daniel/Pinterič, Uroš)


Part II: Managerial reforms: from Weberian bureaucracy to performance management?

Design, trajectories of reform and implementation of Performance budgeting in local governments: A comparative study of Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Norway (Bjørnå, Hilde/Mussari, Riccardo/ Nakrošis, Vitalis/Reichard, Christoph/Bankauskaitė Grigaliūnienė, Sabina/Tranfaglia, Alfredo Ettore)

Performance management and measurement in local governments of the Napoleonic administrative system: A comparative analysis of France, Portugal, and Turkey (Turc, Emil/Guenoun, Marcel/Demirkaya, Yüksel/Rodrigues, Miguel, Jérome Dupuis)

Incentivizing employees – a universal game? Performance related pay systems in LGS: A comparative analysis (Proeller, Isabella/Meier, Anne‐Kathrin/Vogel, Dominik/Mussari, Riccardo/Casale, Donatella/Turc, Emil/Guenoun, Marcel)

Human Resource Management Reforms and Change Management in European City-Administrations from a Comparative Perspective (Salm, Marco/Schwab, Christian)


Part III: Re-organizing local service delivery: from government to governance?

Public and social services provision in European countries. From public/municipal sector to market liberalisation – and what next? (Wollmann, Hellmut)

On the Road towards Marketization? A Comparative Analysis of Nonprofit Sector Involvement in Social Service Delivery at the Local Level (Zimmer, Annette/Henriksen, Lars Skov/ Smith, Steven Rathgeb/Thøgersen, Marlene)

The Governance of Childcare in Transition: A Comparative Analysis (Kettunen, Pekka/Teles, Filipe/Navarro, Carmen/Richter, Philipp/Hlepas, Nikos/MacCarthaigh, Muiris)

Rescaling of planning power. Comparing functional planning reforms in six EU countries (Getimis, Panagiotis)

Waste management compared – from public service delivery to inter-municipal cooperation? (Torsteinsen, Harald/Van Genugten, Marieke)


Part IV: Local participatory reforms, political leaders, and citizens

Reforming local governments in times of crisis: Values and expectations of good local governance in comparative perspective (Denters, Bas/Ladner, Andreas/Mouritzen, Poul Erik /Rose, Lawrence)

Local democratic renewal by deliberative participatory instruments. A comparative study (Kersting, Norbert/ Gasparikova, Jana/Krenjova, Jelizaveta /Iglesias, Angel)

Have mayors will travel: direct election of the mayor: Trends and developments on the direct election of the mayor - a five nation comparison (Copus, Colin/Iglesias, Angel/Hacek, Miro /Illner, Michal/Lidstrom, Anders)

Citizens’ Involvement in Local Government: Comparative Analyses of Change across Europe in Times of Crisis (Vetter, Angelika/ Denters, Bas/Kersting, Norbert/ Klimovský, Daniel)

Reforming local councils and the role of the councillors. A comparative analysis of fifteen European countries (Lidström, Anders/ Baldersheim, Harald/ Klimovsky, Daniel/ Hlynsdóttir, Eva Marin/ Copus, Colin/Kettunen Pekka)


Comparative Conclusions and Outlook (Bouckaert, Geert/Kuhlmann, Sabine)