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Welcome to the Physik Lehr-Lern-Werkstatt of Potsdam University

Physik Lehr-Lern-Werkstatt

In house 28 you can find our school lab of physics.

Welcome to our Physik Lehr-Lern-Werkstatt of Potsdam University

Our physics school lab is an out-of-school learning facility at Potsdam University. It is designed for pupils, and is guided by scientists and university students. Our projects on physics are conducted at campus Golm in Potsdam. They offer the opportunity for acquiring research skills, and beyond that to get to know life on campus at first hand.

You are very welcome to visit us!

What is a school lab?

School labs are getting more and more attention but what are they? And what is their use?

Our school lab

Our school lab is a so-called teaching and learning school lab. Here you can find out more about the special features.