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Interactional-linguistic/conversation-analytic courses offered in the winter term 2023/24
--- Multimodale Interaktion auf WhatsApp & Co (German) - contact: Marit Aldrup
--- Interaktion im Unterricht (German) - contact: Christl Langer
--- Lehr-Lern-Sequenzen in der Interaktion (German) - contact: Constanze Lechler
--- "let's eat grandma" – Syntax and Prosody in Interaction - contact: Claudia Lehmann
--- Little words that matter: particles in interaction - contact: Taiane Malabarba
--- The grammar of text messaging - contact: Taiane Malabarba
--- Konversationsanalyse und Interaktionale Linguistik (German) - contact: Martin Pfeiffer
--- Assessing Interactional Competence - contact: Susanne Reinhardt
---Tutorial "Multimodalität" - contact: Alina Blinova

Other courses with interactional-linguistic/conversation-analytic components
Basics of Interactional Linguistics and Conversation Analysis are also taught in the following introductory modules and courses:

--- Module "Text, conversation, and varieties" (Bachelor "Germanistik")
--- Modul "Theories, methods, applications, and statistics" (Master "Linguistik im Kontext")
--- Lecture series "German linguistics" (Master "Germanistik")
--- Seminar "Text, discourse, communication" (course regularly offered at the English department)

For further information please consult the current course catalog on PULS or contact the ILUP coordinator.


Kolloquium Sprachgebrauch
Martin Pfeiffer | Thurs 12.15 - 1.45 PM |  Room

Research Colloquium
Claudia Lehmann | Thurs 2:15-3:45 PM | Room


6th Meeting of the DokGF network
University of Potsdam, October 14-15, 2022

5th meeting of the DFG scientific network "Interactional Linguistics – Discourse particles from a cross-linguistic perspective"
Universität Potsdam, September 21-23, 2022

International Symposium "Perspectives of Interactional Linguistic Research – basic and applied"
University of Potsdam, March 17-19, 2021
Conference report

International Workshop "Assessing Interactional Competence: Between Observation and Grading"
University of Potsdam, August 9-10, 2019

International Workshop on "Divergent Units and Fuzzy Boundaries in Interaction"
University of Potsdam, September 13-15, 2018

Hamburg-Potsdam CA/IL Workshop II
University of Hamburg, June 14-15, 2018

Hamburg-Potsdam CA/IL Workshop I
University of Potsdam, November 16-17, 2017