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Dr. Madlen Ziege

Foto von Dr. Madlen Ziege
Photo: privat


University of Potsdam

Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation
Am Mühlenberg 3
14476 Potsdam (Golm), Germany

Phone: +49 331 977 6254
Fax: +49 331 977 1930
E-Mail: madlen.ziegeuni-potsdamde

Building 60, 3rd floor, room 3.11


  • 02/2011–10/2017 Doctoral thesis, Goethe University Frankfurt.
    Institute of Ecology, Evolution and Diversity
    Supervisor Prof Dr Martin Plath
    Title doctoral thesis: “Effects of gradual anthropogenic habitat alteration on the
    ecology and behavior of European rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in and around
    Frankfurt am Main.“
  • 12/2009 Diploma graduation in biology, University of Potsdam.
    Supervisors Prof Dr Ralph Tiedemann, Dr Martin Plath
    Title diploma thesis: “An audience affects male mate choice in Poeciliidae.“
  • 02/2007–09/2007 Study abroad, University of Tasmania, Australia.
    Classes in animal conservation, reproduction biology, wilderness and art
  • 02/2007–12/2009 Studies of biology, University of Potsdam.
    Major subject: ethology; minor subjects: ecophysiology, evolution, animal ecology, immunology


    • since 04/2018: Project coordinator in the BioMove Research Training Group (DFG GRK 2118/1)
    • 10/2010–12/2013 Scientific coordinator, GRADE - Goethe Graduate Academy
      Coordinator of the center ”Sustain“, public relations, grant applications (e. g. DFG,
      DAAD), project and stakeholder coordination

      Other experience
    • 2013 Graduate research assistant, University of Toronto, Canada
      Performing stress hormone measurements (EIA) on fecal samples of rabbits and hares
    • 2010 Graduate research assistant, National Museum of Natural History, France
      Cognition tests with grey mouse lemurs, laboratory organisation, animal care)
    • 2009 Field work, Tampico, Mexico
      Collection and sampling of fresh water fish
    • Undergraduate field assistant, Vosges, France
      Radiotracking of the European wild cat (Felis silvestris)



    Foto von Dr. Madlen Ziege
    Photo: privat