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Internships and Job offers

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Student Helper Positions

1) Student helper position to assist in teaching procedures - winter term 2019/2020!

Further information. Please send applications until 26.08.2019 to Dr.Katrin Czempinski.


2) We are looking for an enthusiastic and highly motivated student to perform various molecular biology and lab work.

Further information. Please send applications in English to Dr. Iman Tabatabaei.



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Bachelor/Master thesis projects

Talented and motivated students interested in the lab research are welcome to make informal inquires at any time to Dr. Katrin Czempinski.

Current offer

a) We currently have a vacancy for a student who would like to do a Bachelor’s thesis on molecular biology with a focus on the application of CRISPR-Cas9 technology in plant genome editing. The student will learn to design and create single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) and DNA donor templates for precise genome editing. Additionally, the student will learn to make protoplasts from plant tissue and transfect the protoplasts with genome editing reagents. 

Please contact Dr. Katrin Czempinski or Dr. Mainak Das Gupta.

b) We are looking for students who are interested in a Bachelor or Master thesis on pathway engineering in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae or the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha

Supervisors -  Dr. Lena Hochrein or  Dr. Mainak Das Gupta


We currently have a vacancy for an internship, ideally for a Master student, who would like to gain experience in precise genome editing in plant cells.

Specifically, the student will learn to design donor DNA templates for targeted knock-in of sequences into plant genomes and screen the precisely edited protoplast for expected mutations. The selected edited cells will then be used to regenerate full plants using tissue culture methods. Students with interest and experience in molecular biology are encouraged to apply. We will help the student to get external funding to cover the expenses for the stay. The interested students can contact Dr. Mainak Das Gupta.

 PhD students and PostDocs

We welcome to receive your application and research proposal if you are intereseted in joining our lab as PhD student or PostDoc. We can discuss potential funding opportunities and we support in preparing your proposal to funding agencies, e.g. EU, DAAD, BMBF, DFG, etc.

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