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Welcome to the Biopolymer Analytics Group led by Prof. Dr. habil Joerg Fettke

Our lab is interested in primary metabolism of plants, especially starch metabolism. Starch synthesis and degradation includes several enzymes (more than 30) and different glycans, sugars, and sugar derivatives. The interplay between all these components as well as the fluxes through the various pathways are of special interest for us. Our research hopes to reveal insights in these basic questions and provides new approaches for improving crops.  

To investigate these, we apply a broad spectrum of experimental approaches including biochemical, biophysical, molecular biology, and plant physiology approaches to models like Arabidopsis thaliana and Solanum tuberosum L.

Our current focus of research includes:

     * Role of glucan phosphorylation on starch metabolism

          *  Identification and analysis of glucose 1-phosphate transporters

          *  Impact of the starch phosphorylase on starch metabolism

          *  Initiation of starch granule formation

          *  Morphology of starch granules

          *  Variability of carbon fluxes related to starch metabolism