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Media Didactics - Consulting and support

The Center for Quality Development in Teaching and Studies (ZfQ) designs and implements quality assurance and development processes at the University of Potsdam as part of a strategic quality management system. For this purpose, the divisions of the ZfQ reflect on and analyze the changing conditions and requirements in teaching and studies, design appropriate measures and implement them with all involved.

Unterschiedliche Arbeitsbereiche ZfQ-Bereich Lehre und Medien
Photo: macrovector/Freepik

A central field of activity of the ZfQ and, in particular of its Teaching and Media division, is the support and further development of teaching. Changing requirements for academic training (competence development, lifelong learning), developments in higher education didactics (student centered teaching, research orientation) and a rapidly changing media technology (e-learning, digitization) are playing an important role.

The Teaching and Media division contributes its expertise and experience from consulting and further training practice in higher education and media didactics to the FoLD project. It supports the sub-divisions in the media didactic and educational technology concept development as well as the conception, implementation and subject-specific as well as interdisciplinary evaluation of the courses.

Team FoLD Media Didactics

Jörg Hafer (Head of teaching and media/ZfQ)

Research Assistant:

Jennifer Quast

Student Research Assistant:

Hannes Naumann

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