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Prof. Dr. Heike Wiese


Universität Potsdam
Institut für Germanistik
Building 5 Room 1.02
Am Neuen Palais 10
14469 Potsdam


Speaker of the Centre for "Language, Variation, and Migration"

Member of the German Council for Migration

Research interests

  • Language variation und development in multilingual contexts: urban contact dialects in Europe (including 'Kiezdeutsch' in Germany) and Africa; linguistic practices of heritage speakers; Turkish-German language contact
  • Grammar and linguistic architecture: word order, mass and count nouns, numeral constructions, focus particles, interface between grammatical and extragrammatical systems

Short CV

since 2006: Potsdam University, Department for German: Professor for Contemporary German Language.
2005-2006 Yale University, Linguistics Department: Visiting associate Professor, Feodor-Lynen-Stipend of Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation.
1993-2005 Humboldt University, Department for German Language and Linguistics ("Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin").
1998-1999 Brandeis University, Institute for Linguistics and Cognitive Science (Ray Jackendoff): Visiting Scholar, Postdoctoral Stipend of DAAD.
2003 Habilitation (Thesis: Sprachliche Arbitrarität als Schnittstellenphänomen, "Linguistic Arbitrariness as an Interface Phenomenon"), Venia legendi: Theoretical and German Linguistics.
1997 Ph. D. (Thesis: Zahl und Numerale. Eine Untersuchung zur Korrelation sprachlicher und konzeptueller Strukturen., "Number and Numeral. The Correlation of Linguistic and Conceptual Structures"), summa cum laude.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications (selection)

  • Wiese, Heike, & Pohle, Maria (to appear). „Ich geh Kino“ oder „… ins Kino“? Gebrauchsrestriktionen nichtkanonischer Lokalangaben. To appear in: Zeitschrift für Sprachwissenschaft.
  • Wiese, Heike; Öncü, Mehmet Tahir, & Bracker, Philip (to appear). Verb-dritt-Stellung im türkisch-deutschen Sprachkontakt: Informationsstrukturelle Linearisierungen ein- und mehrsprachiger Sprecher/innen. To appear in: Deutsche Sprache.
  • Wiese, Heike; Mayr, Katharina; Krämer, Philipp; Seeger, Patrick; Müller, Hans-Georg, & Mezger, Verena (to appear). Changing teachers’ attitudes towards linguistic diversity: Effects of an antibias programme. To appear in: International Journal of Applied Linguistics.
  • Wiese, Heike; Rehbein, Ines (2016). Coherence in new urban dialects: a case study. Lingua 172/173: pp. 45-61 [Sonderheft Coherence, covariation and bricolage, ed. Gregory Guy & Frans Hinskens].
  • Wiese, Heike, & Polat, Nilgin Tanış (2016). Pejoration in contact: m-reduplication and other examples from urban German. In: Finkbeiner, Rita; Meibauer, Jörg, & Wiese, Heike (ed.), Pejoration. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins [Linguistics Today]. pp. 243-268.
  • Wiese, Heike (2015). “This migrants’ babble is not a German dialect!” – The interaction of standard language ideology and ‘us’/‘them’-dichotomies in the public discourse on a multiethnolect. Language in Society 44;3: pp. 341-368.    

Recent and Forthcoming Talks (selection)

Exploring German in Namibia [with Horst Simon and Christian Zimmer] „German Abroad 2“, University of Texas at Austin, 2.-3.11.2016.

Language-specific and language-independent serialisation patterns for framesetters, topics, and predicates [Poster, with Eva Wittenberg] for AMLaP 22 („Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing”), Bilbao, 1.-3.9.2016.

Language contact and grammatical variation: the example of V2 violations Academy Colloquium ‘Language variation in action’, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam 16.-19.2.2016.

Noncanonical phenomena in urban German: contact-induced change vs. internal dynamics Plenarvortrag; Annual FGLS Conference (Forum for Germanic Language Studies), Birmingham, 7.-8.1. 2016.

Transkulturalität, Translanguaging und „Deutsch(-sein)“: Sprachliche Praktiken und diskursive Zuschreibenden plenary talk;  „Mehrsprachigkeit – Transkulturalität – Multimedialität“, Institut für moderne Sprachen / Germanistik, University Helsinki, 6.-7.11. 2015

School children’s engagement with linguistic landscapes - Report from a Berlin inner city school [with Katharina Mayr and Philipp Krämer] SLXG 2015 (‘The Sociolinguistics of Globalization: (De)centring and (de)standardization’), Hongkong, 3.-6.6.2015.

Determiner omission in urban German: multilingual versus monolingual settings [with Ines Rehbein] International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE), Panel „Community-based studies of language change“ (organisation: Isabelle Buchstaller, Suzanne Evans Wagner), Leipzig, 27.-29.5. 2015.