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Conditions of Participation

Please note: The offers of the Career Service are exclusively reserved for students of the University of Potsdam and their graduates up to one year after graduation.

1. Registration

  1. After your registration you will receive a confirmation of your preliminary registration by email. This email also contains important details about the payment of the seminar fee: amount, account details, transfer deadlines.
  2. In order for you to be registered as binding, full payment must be received on the specified account within three working days, specifying the intended purpose. Partial payments or payments without specifying the correct purpose and payments after the deadline will not be taken into account.
  3. If no payment is made within the payment period, or it’s either incomplete or incorrectly reported, you will be deregistered.
  4. The seminar fee can only be accepted as a transfer.
  5. Invoicing is not possible

2. Canceling a registration

  1. If you have made a binding registration for a seminar, you must cancel your registration no later than five working days before the seminar begins. (Example: The seminar takes place on a Monday, you should cancel the Monday before at the latest.) This means that the seminar space that would otherwise expire can be used.
  2. In principle, you are free to name a substitute participant in the event of a rejection.
  3. Failure to show up without prior deregistration can result in a blocking for future seminars.
  4. The seminar fee will only be reimbursed after deregistering if your seminar place can be re-allocated.
  5. The seminar fee can furthermore be reimbursed if you submit a medical certificate covering all seminar days.

3. Waiting list

  1. All those who have registered after all places in the relevant seminar have already been taken will be added to the waiting list.
  2. The order of the waiting list results from the chronological order of the registrations.
  3. If a seminar participant cancels participation in a seminar, the seminar place goes to the first person on the waiting list.
  4. As a successor, you will then receive an email with all payment details. If you are no longer interested in the seminar place, we ask you to inform us by email.

4. Participation

  1. In the event of unexcused delays / omissions by a seminar participant, it is up to the trainer to decide at his / her own discretion about exclusion from the seminar.
  2. A certificate of attendance can only be issued if the entire seminar time has been completed.
  3. Proof (e.g. student ID) of the current status must be kept by the trainer at the beginning of the seminar.
  4. The trainings and seminars cannot be counted as educational leave.

5. Privacy