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Publikationen 2019


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Doctoral Theses

  • Rector M: The acute effect of exercise on flow-mediated dilation in young people with cystic fibrosis
  • Appiah-Dwomoh E K: Postural control and back pain in adolescent athletes


Master Theses

  • Appiah-Dwomoh E K: Assessment of Dietary Intake of Long-Distance Race Car Drivers- A Pilot Study
  • Baritello O: Shoulder neuromuscular activity during exercises with different combination of stable and unstable weight mass
  • Bennett P: Effects of resistance training on performance in long distance runners: A systematic review
  • Buitenhuis AJ: Influence of propofol on the mitochondrial function of colon and liver tissue in healthy rats: Report of an experimental in vitro study. UMCG –RUG- Scriptie. 2019
  • Cornejo C: Assessing Trunk Rotation during Functional Reach: A Reproducibility Study
  • Kievaite E: Playing-related musculoskeletal disorders among viola and violin players in recreational orchestras
  • Khajooei M: Effects of Shoes on Children's Fundamental Motor Skills
  • Ottawa F: Factors that influence ratings of perceived exertion: A systematic review
  • Quarmby A: From walking to running- The development of a split-belt instrumented treadmill running protocol with perturbations: A feasibility study