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Alexander Milles [PhD student]

Alexander Milles


2018: Msc in Environmental Sciences, University of Freiburg, Germany

2015: BSc in Environmental Geosciences, University of Trier, Germany

Research Interests

  • Agent-based models
  • Movement ecology
  • Animal behaviour and personality


Milles, A, Dammhahn, M., Jeltsch, F., Schlägel, U. & Grimm, V (accepted). Fluctuations in density-dependent selection drive the evolution of a pace-of-life-syndrome within and between populations. The American Naturalist.

Milles, A., Dammhahn, M., & Grimm, V. (2020). Intraspecific trait variation in personality‐related movement behavior promotes coexistence. Oikos, 129(10), 1441-1454.

Grimm, V., Railsback, S. F., Vincenot, C. E., Berger, U., Gallagher, C., DeAngelis, D. L., … Milles, A … & Ayllón, D. (2020). The ODD protocol for describing agent-based and other simulation models: A second update to improve clarity, replication, and structural realism. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 23(2).