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The University of Potsdam (UP) division of Sport and Exercise Psychology is one of the leading international research groups regarding the dual process view on (a) exercise motivation and (b) the motivation to use performance enhancing substances (e.g. doping in sport). Our lab is part of the UP’s Research Focus Cognitive Sciences. We have gained expertise in using reaction time-based methods to investigate automatic evaluation – feelings and thoughts that people may be unwilling or unable to report – at play during exercise and sport. Our lab is perhaps the sole research facility in Germany where research in sport and exercise meets this social cognition perspective.

The Center of Practical Sport Psychology is affiliated with the UP division of Sport and Exercise Psychology. This center coordinates and delivers sport psychology services to more than 1,000 adolescent and adult elite athletes from the federal state of Brandenburg’s Gifted Schools of Sport and Olympic Training Centers. For more information regarding this center, please select Zentrum für praktische Sportpsychologie (page in German) from the side menu.