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How to apply

The deadline for applications has ended on 1st March, 2022. We cannot accept any further applications.

Applications should be submitted by completing the online application form.


Please make sure you have assembled all the necessary information before starting to complete the form, since there is no possibility of saving the information you have entered during the process.

We recommend filling in the application form at least a few days before the deadline. Otherwise, should you experience problems, we will not be able to provide adequate support.


Application Deadline: 1 March, 2022 (23:00 CET)


If you have further questions after looking at the information provided on these pages, you can contact Judith Coffey at the coordination office of the RTG minor cosmopolitanisms by e-mail at <minor-cosmopolitanismsuni-potsdamde>.


As part of the form, you will be asked to upload a number of documents, including your project exposé, CV, letter of motivation, a writing sample, and degree certificate(s). These documents must be combined into one PDF file which should not exceed a size of 10 MB. Please name your PDF „YOURNAME.pdf“ (substituting your last name for YOURNAME).

(Note: The system currently seems to be renaming all the files after submission with a random combination of letters and numbers. Please don't worry about this, we will still be able to match your file to your application form.)

The PDF should contain the following documents:

  • Cover page containing your name and contact information
  • Letter of motivation (1-2 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Outline of proposed dissertation project including bibliography (3,500 words max., not counting the bibliography). In this outline, you should describe your proposed topic, its context, the material you want to study, your research questions and methodology, and relate these to the state of the art in the relevant field(s) as well as to the RTG’s research profile.
  • Proposed work and time schedule. Please provide a provisional work and time schedule covering a period of three years, in order to demonstrate the feasibility of your project and the likelihood of completing it within the funded period.
  • Degree certificates and transcripts. Degree certificates in languages other than English or German must be translated into English or German by a certified and nationally accredited translator. Please include an explanation of the grade system used in the certificates/transcripts.
  • Writing sample in English (e.g., thesis chapter or independent academic publication, max. 5,000 to 7,000 words)

Please refrain from including a photograph of yourself in your application.
(If one of the documents you are required to hand in, contains a photograph, that's OK.)


In the online application form, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Personal data
  • Academic information: Please provide information on your  M.A. degree, including your field(s) of study or disciplines, the institution, and the date when the degree was awarded. In addition, please specify the title of your M.A. thesis and your supervisor(s). If you have completed a degree that is not an M.A. but euqivalent, please fill in these fields, and use the field provided below for additional remarks to explain.
  • Language skills: Please tick the appropriate box or boxes. If you are you a native English speaker, or have completed a degree with English as its language of instruction, no further information is required. If this does not apply to you, please choose „other“ and specify your English proficiency level. It is not necessary to provide a certificate of language proficiency at this point. Should your application successfully pass the first stage of the selection process, we will actively solicit this information.
  • Proposed dissertation project: This section includes information on your project’s working title as well as a short description (approx. 200 words). Please indicate which of the RTG's research areas you would locate your project in, and whether you are interested in pursuing a Joint Degree with the University of Melbourne.
  • References: Please do not submit letters of reference, but indicate the names and contact details of two potential referees. The RTG will contact the referees if further information is required. The referees should know you personally and be familiar with your academic work. Good choices would be your thesis supervisor(s) and/or other professors who know your work. Please make sure that the persons you name have agreed to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf if solicited, and to being contacted by phone or e-mail by the RTG. Note: Do not be alarmed if your referees have not, or don't, receive a request to sumbit a reference. We will not routinely request references, but only if needed.
  • Submitted documents: Please check that the PDF you upload contains all the necessary information and meets the formal criteria (file size, name).
  • Additional information: You may use this field for any additional information you deem relevant.