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Career Development for Postdocs

Young Researcher presenting a scientific poster
Photo: Thomas Roese, ZIM/UP

High Potentials

The interdisciplinary initiative High Potentials - Academy for Postdoctoral Career Development supports the career development of postdocs and junior professors at the University of Potsdam, extramural research institutions, and Brandenburg universities. This new initiative is conducted by the Potsdam Graduate School (PoGS).

The programme aims to complement existing skills and provide additional qualifications for jobs both inside and outside of academia. Core objectives will focus on clearly defining individual potential and exploring a variety of career paths. The central component of the initiative comprises an innovative range of course offerings and a Complementary Profile Development programme, intended to enhance career development in four main areas: Academia, Science meets Market, Scientific Management, and Science Communication/Policy Consulting.

Strenghening Established Support Structures

By establishing a robust graduate and postgraduate network, a comprehensive framework will be provided for a new level of integrative, interdisciplinary graduate-student education in Potsdam. Existing and future DFG Research Training Groupgs (RTGs) and Innovative Training Networks (ITNs) in this field are an integral components of the NEXUS concept. Interdisciplinary interaction and a stimulating research environment will be ensured by combining existing platforms (PoGS - Potsdam Graduate School, Geo.X Young Academy, BBIB - Berlin-Brandenburg Institute of Advanced Biodiversity Research) with NEXUS specific measures.