Anthony Ssembatya Kimbowa
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Anthony Ssembatya Kimbowa

Anthony Ssembatya Kimbowa is writing his dissertation on the concept of Dual Citizenship. He makes a comparative study of Uganda and Kenya, analyzing the reforms. He is a scholarship recipient of the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, FNF. He has previously studied his MA at ASH Berlin in International Conflict Management as a scholarship recipient of the KAAD and holds a BA in Social and Philosophical Studies. He, additionally holds certificates in Natural Resource Governance from the Geneva School of Diplomacy and in Gender Equality from the UN Office Geneva. He is a member of the German Association for Conflict Scholars.


Research Interests

  • Citizenship
  • Statelessness
  • Natural Resource Governance in Africa
  • Social Movements in Africa





  • 2019: Human Trafficking, Lessons from Uganda. Presented at Clinton Global Initiative, New York.
  • 2018: Rethinking Europe in a Multi Polar World. Presented at Centre for International Security and Governance (CISG), Bonn.
  • 2017: Presented a Paper on Women and their Role in Advancing the SDGs. Presented at University of Technology (UNITEC), Auckland (New Zealand).
  • 2017: Conducted lectures focussing on Emerging Global Challenges and the Roles of International and Regional Organisations. University of Technology (UNITEC), Auckland (New Zealand).
  • 2017: Chair of the Peace and Security Council (Designing a Post Conflict Intervention structure for West Africa). Model African Union Conference, Bayreuth University (Germany).
  • 2017: Presented a paper on Peace and Conflict Studies. Presented at EuPRA and AFK joint Conference “From the Margins to the Centre: Rethinking Europe in an Unequal World”, Schwerte (Germany).  
  • 2016: Presented a paper on Gender Nationality Laws. Presented at First Global Scholars Forum, University of California (US).
  • 2016: Presented a paper on Humanitarian Assistance in the Context of Forced Migration and Displacement. Presented at Conference on Re-ordering Diversity, University of Tubingen (Germany).
  • 2015: Conference on building of resilient communities in emerging democracies, University of Kentucky Lexington (US).
Anthony Ssembatya Kimbowa
Photo: Private