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Project Designing Social Media Campaigns

Refugees and Smartphones: Smart Integration

The goal of this campaign is to tell the story about why smartphones are so important for refugees by highlighting what exactly are they using them for, how do smartphones facilitate integration, and how do refugees get notice of the different apps?

Students: Damir Harbas, Verena Mattern, Marcel Rist
Supervisor: Safa’a AbuJarour

Aitokaiku (Industry Partner)


Aitokaiku is a mobile application that matches energy, sounds, and motion to create music. It creates reactive music with no streaming or data required. Since this application is in an early alpha stage and currently in development, the goal of this campaign is to create attention grow awareness and engagement on potential users of the application, and to Sell and share the idea and vision behind the technology to everyone.


Students: Lisa Jessen, Jan Kopankiewicz, Francisca Di Piazza 
Supervisor: Olga Abramova

LIONSHAPE (Industry Partner)

The goal of this campaign is to create social media awareness about the new business: Lionshape. Lionshape is a digital life coach, which offers methods and tricks to master every situation of life, seeks to motivate its members to become best version of themselves, and focuses on Fitness by pushing everyone to get into or staying in shape physically. 

Students: Vivian Kubiak, Ha Anna Nguyen, René Plath
Supervisor: Hanna Krasnova