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Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology, 2018

Foto: Karla Fritze

10-14 September 2018

The Second Summer School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology was held in Potsdam, Germany from September 10-14 2018. This summer school follows the annual international AMLaP conference, which was held in Berlin September 6-8 2018.

Like the first edition, this summer school will have a Bayesian and frequentist stream. Bayesian data analysis will be taught (first four days) by Michael Betancourt, who is one of the lead developers of Stan; he will be assisted by Bruno Nicenboim and Shravan Vasishth. The frequentist stream will be led by Reinhold Kliegl, Audrey Bürki, and Daniel Schad. Both tracks will be aimed at linguists and psychologists, but are relevant for cognitive scientists working in many different areas. We will cover the necessary theoretical background for both statistical frameworks, and participants will get hands-on practice in learning to analyze real data sets.

Invited speakers:

We will have two invited talks during the summer school.

·         Sebastian Reich:

Title: An introduction to Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

Date: 14th Sept, 2018    Time: 2-3:30PM  

Location: Hoersaal H02, Haus 6, Griebitzsee campus

·         Joachim Vandekerckhove:

Title: Cognitive latent variable models

Date: 14th Sept, 2018

Time: 4-5PM

Location: Hoersaal H02, Haus 6, Griebitzsee campus


10-14 September 2018  9AM-5PM, plus two invited lecturers.


The summer school is intended for participants who have data analysis experience (especially, experience with linear mixed models is assumed), but want to work with state-of-the-art Bayesian and frequentist methods. We will assume that participants should be comfortable with the material presented in this article and these introductory lecture notes.

We will mainly focus on modeling repeated measures data. We will discuss hierarchical modeling in detail, using the generalized linear mixed modeling framework as a starting point. We will use R, the lme4 package, and Stan. Participants will be assumed to have a working knowledge of R; Stan will be taught from scratch. Everyone is expected to bring their own laptop computer.

The summer school will consist of lectures followed by hands-on exercises.

Course Information

Information about the course program, location, and schedule.

Link: https://vasishth.github.io/SMLP2018/


There will be a 30 Euro fee to cover expenses for the two evenings (Tuesday and Thursday) of snacks, and for coffee and snacks during the breaks. International participants can pay on arrival in cash. Others have the option to pay electronically in advance to the following account: Landeshauptkasse Potsdam, IBAN: DE09 3005 0000 7110 4028 44, BIC: WELADEDDXXX.

Participants will pay for their own accommodation and travel, and will have to pay for their lunch themselves.

Campus Golm

University of Potsdam
Department of Linguistics
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 24-25
14476 Potsdam