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Internships and Job offers

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PhD students and PostDocs

We welcome to receive your application and research proposal if you are intereseted in joining our lab as PhD student or PostDoc. We can discuss potential funding opportunities and we support in preparing your proposal to funding agencies, e.g. EU, DAAD, BMBF, DFG, etc.

Bachelor Arbeiten

Zeitaufwand: Schwerpunktpraktikum 4 Wochen + 45 Tage

Voraussetzung für die Annahme für ein BA Projekt ist, folgende Module abgeschlossen zu haben:

  • Bio-AM2.12 bzw. Bio-AM2.13 (Molekularbiologie II)
  • Bio-AM3.10 (Funktionelle Genomik)

Master thesis projects

Time required: Advanced Research Practical 4 weeks + 6 months

Prerequisite for the acceptance for an MA project:  completed module Bio-B-RM21 (Molecular Biology and Genome Research) and sound knowledge in molecular biology


Please send your inquiry to Dr. Katrin Czempinski as a singular pdf file addressing the following points:

- a complete letter of application and CV;
- a statement why you want to do a Bachelor or Master thesis in our department;
- a compilation (documents) of your previous achievements during your studies and lab working experiences.

Remark for WiSe 2023/2024 and SoSe 2024: unfortunately we can not offer projects for Bachelor or Master thesis in this summer term.

Foto: ©dmshpak/Fotolia

Bachelor Arbeiten

BA 1

BA 2

Master thesis projects

Master thesis project 1

Master thesis project 2