We are interested in Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Evolution, and Zoological Systematics. We apply various molecular genetic methods (single gene analysis, transcriptome analysis, ddRAD sequencing, qPCR, AFLP, microsatellite typing), morphometrics, genetic modelling as well as field research. We are also experienced in  evolutionary research for applied purposes (conservation genetics, biodiversity assessment).

Current model organisms include:

  • Mammals (cetaceans, elephants, seals)
  • Birds (ducks, hornbills)
  • Reptiles (tortoises)
  • Amphibians (toads)
  • Fish (mormyrids, mollies, sturgeons)
  • Rotifers
  • Diatoms

Please see publications for more information.

Collaborative projects

University Research Center "Functional Ecology and Evolution"