P4: Clause combining and word order in heritage Turkish across majority languages

Christoph Schroeder, U Potsdam

This project will investigate the dynamics of Turkish in the common RUEG framework. We focus on two grammatical domains: (1) the post-predicate position, which underlies particular re-strictions within the canonical SOV syntax of Turkish, and (2) the domain of ‘clause combining’, understood as a superordinate term referring to any linguistic means of connecting and/or embedding clauses.
RUEG’s unified methodology will enable us to compare across different registers and different contact settings, and we will complement this with further elicited data and with experimental techniques. P4’s results will be related to the results of other RUEG projects, in particular to the results on the common topic of word order. The particular aspects which P4 contributes to RUEG concern the focus on Turkish as a heritage language, the focus on register differences (together with P1), and the additional aspect of clause combining.

Cooperation partners

Ad Backus, Tilburg University

Fatih Bayram, Ordu University

Jaklin Kornfilt, Syracuse University

Stavros Skopeteas, University of Bielefeld

 PhD Student

Kateryna Iefremenko