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Python for Poets

An introductory Course to the Programming Language Python for the Members of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Potsdam

Programming languages are universal tools with which we can convey solutions to a variety of problems to a computer. When working with text, Python is a good language of choice as it offers many different methods for e.g. the linguistic annotation of text or the visualisation of research results. 

In four sessions, this course gives an introduction to the basic concepts of programming which can be easily applied to Python-specific libraries, such as spacy, or even to other programming languages. Humanists learn to automatically annotate texts with Python, calculate frequencies of words and grammatical features, process and modify tables with Python, and perform basic data analysis and visualisation.

The course is aimed at researchers from the Arts and Humanities and assumes no technical skill or prior knowledge of programming.

Course Outline

03.11.22: Introduction to Python

17.11.22: Tokenization and Counting Words

01.12.22: Working with and Annotating Files

15.12.22: Machine Readable Data and Visualisation


Johanna Rockstroh (Department of Romance Studies UP)

Friederike Schulz (Department of Romance Studies UP)

Daniil Skorinkin (Digital Humanities Network UP)

Henny Sluyter-Gäthje (Department of German Studies UP)