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Jewish-related Archive Catalogues

What is the project about?

Modeling, transforming, cleaning and structuring data from online PDF chapters of the book “Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden in den  Archiven der Neuen Bundesländer” 

Who leads the project?

Yael Netzer, University of Haifa, Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dicta

Who is part of the team?

Amalia S. Levi - Bonn University

Elena Hamidi -  UB Giessen

Imme Klages - Institut für Film-, Theater-, Medien- und Kulturwissenschaft, Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz

Aaron Chrisitanson - FID Jüdische Studien, UB Frankfurt

What is the practical use of your research tool for jewish studies? / What can researchers of jewish studies learn/achieve from your project:

We are creating a digital, structured catalogue that is only available now as a five volumes book. The new version of the catalogue will be accessible for “distant reading” and the bibliographical information will be matched and connected with additional relevant historical and bibliographical sources.

Which technical methods and tools are used for developing your project and what tools and/or methods do you use for reaching your goal?

  • Python code
  • Openrefine
  • Omeka/S

How have you approached the project so far?

  1. Writing code to structure entries
  2. Writing code to extract index data
  3. Reading and understanding the methods this data was collected and what we can learn from it 
  4. “Close reading” - inspecting some examples of known persons from personal research of participants.

What can you learn from this project for your own personal research interests? 

  • Track information
  • Learn to model data

What do you expect to achieve in the Hackathon?

We hope to gain a deeper understanding for modeling information, and to realize the  extent of which this process can be automated. A practical technical aim is to find ways to create Unification  and reconciliation with additional resources (persons, archives, files, records)