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Code & Culture Lecture Series

by the Digital Humanities Network at the University of Potsdam

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Join us once a month for our recurring lecture series on the digital analysis of literature and culture. Each session features a distinguished researcher specializing in computational literary studies or other digital studies of culture, presenting their latest insights and findings. Following the talk, attendees are invited to participate in a lively discussion, delving deeper into the presented topics and exchanging ideas with fellow enthusiasts. 

Upcoming talks:

  • The Driving Forces of Literary Evolution: Tracing the Causes of Cultural Change with the Price Equation 
    • When: April 2, 2024,  18:30 CEST (register here)
    • Who: Oleg Sobchuk,  researcher at the Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and Culture, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany

Stay tuned for upcoming talks and join us for an enriching experience!

Contact the organisers:

Daniil Skorinkin (skorinkinuni-potsdamde), Digital Humanities Coordinator at the University of Potsdam