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Enrollment Doctoral Candidates

Enrollment for the summer semester must be completed by June 15. Enrollment for the winter semester must be completed by January 15.

Comprehensive information regarding the possibilities of earning a doctoral degree can be found on the pages that introduce you to the study options at the University of Potsdam.

The Welcome Center der Universität Potsdam can assist international applicants for doctoral study with questions regarding visas, residence permit regulations and health insurance.

This page will provide you with information on registering and enrolling as a doctoral candidate.

1. Admission as a doctoral candidate

You must apply for admission as a doctoral candidate prior to beginning your dissertation. The application must be filed with the doctoral examination board for the subject in which you are pursuing your doctorate. If you are pursuing a doctorate in the Law Faculty, you must file the application with its dean.

Since the examination board or the Office of the Dean requires time to review your materials, you should expect a processing time of several weeks (possibly longer during the semester breaks).

Please submit the following materials to the  Office of the Dean

Applicants, who are not enrolled at the University of Potsdam:

  • For German Students: Application to Enroll as a Doctoral Candidate (PDF)
  • For international Students: Application to Enroll as an International Doctoral Student (PDF)
  • Declaration of Intent to Undertake Doctoral Studies (PDF), signed by the dissertation adviser - in the original
    (Students of the Faculty of Science will be send the "Declaration of Intent to Undertake Doctoral Studies" by the Dean's Office after presenting the Agreement for supervision of a doctoral thesis)
  • a single, non-certified copy of your personal identification or passport; if you have dual citizenship, include appropriate documentation of identity (The copy must include the complete name, first name, date of birth, address, and date of validity. You may black out all other information if you wish to do so. The copy of your identification documents will be used exclusively for purposes of identification and prevent identity theft. The copy of your identification documentation will be destroyed after successful enrollment.)
  • Curriculum Vitae in table form, including signature
  • Copy of your university entry qualification (high-school certificate qualifying for university admission)
  • Certified copies of your university degree transcripts in German, English, French, Spanish, or Italian; or a certified translation in one of these languages
  • If you have previously studied at a German university: a copy of the deregistration (Exmatrikulation) notification including information on your program of study as well as semesters of study at the university and semesters of study in your major
  • Evidence of valid health insurance for the upcoming semester:
  1. with a statutory German health insurance provider – provider-issued Health Insurance Verification for Registering at a University – Sample (PDF). A copy of your insurance card is not sufficient.
  2. with a private German health insurance provider – evidence that you are exempted from statutory health insurance (can be obtained from any statutory health insurance provider in Potsdam upon presentation of your passport, proof of your existing health insurance as well as proof of your doctoral candidacy)
  3. with an EU-Card (European Health Insurance Card: EHIC) – confirmation by a German statutory health insurance provider that you have statutory health insurance in your home country (issued by any statutory health insurance provider in Potsdam)
  • For non-EU citizens: a copy of your residence permit or visa for the purpose of doctoral studies at the University of Potsdam / as a visiting scholar / research assistant at the University of Potsdam or another research institution in Potsdam or a copy of your permanent residence permit
  • For international applicants: Should you be a recipient of a fellowship underwritten by German public funds, you should include a copy of your award letter.

If you are an international applicant for doctoral study, please take note of the following information:

  • Proof of language proficiency: There are no general regulations regarding the proof of German or other language proficiency if you are planning to enroll for a doctorate. To find out about the language requirements for your particular doctorate, please consult your specific Doctoral Program Regulationhttp://www.uni-potsdam.de/ambek/prom.html. Please inquire with your adviser about details.
  • If you are sending the documents from abroad, you may provide the evidence of health insurance, a copy of the confirmation you receive when registering with the local authorities, and a copy of your residence permit or visa at a later time.

If you are interested in a Cotutelle-Verfahren, please note the following:

  • Your adviser files an informal request with the faculty board for a Cotutelle de thèse procedure following a recommendation by the doctoral examination board or the Dean of the Faculty of Law.
  • In cooperation with the faculty, you will draw up a contract, which details the conditions of your individual procedure. Sample contracts in English are available from the doctoral examination boards in the different faculties.

For students who are already enrolled at the University of Potsdam:

Should you already be enrolled at the University of Potsdam in a different degree program and if you intend to earn a doctorate from our University, please submit

2. Review of your materials / enrollment

Upon receipt of your complete application materials, the Dean’s Office in charge will review your application. If the admission decision is positive, your materials are forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs (for German applicants) or to the International Relations Office (for international applicants), which will enroll you.

Once your enrollment materials are complete, we will send you information on paying the semester fees to the e-mail address provided in the application of enrollment.

After your payment, your PUCK will be issued and delivered by mail. The envelope contains the PUCK, the mail account and a variety of information material.
In a second envelope your TAN list (PULS) will be delivered to you separately. Access to this portal will allow you to print certificates of enrollment, register for classes, etc.

3. Information on deregistering (exmatriculating) as a doctoral candidate

Your enrollment as a doctoral candidate ends with the completion of your doctoral degree or the end of advising at the University of Potsdam, but definitely after 12 semesters in your subject of study.

Please note: If you are exmatriculated after 12 semesters, you may still complete your doctoral degree, unless your faculty’s Doctoral Degree Regulations specify otherwise.

Under extenuating circumstances, exceptions can be made. In this case, a request for extension of enrollment beyond 12 semesters can be approved. The informal request must be accompanied by a written statement by the adviser, which states the reasons for the long duration of the doctoral studies as well as the expected date of completion of the doctoral degree. Requests are decided together with the doctoral examination board.

The request for extending enrollment must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs within the re-registration period.