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Investigating cellular membranes using advanced biophysical models and quantitative fluorescence microscopy

Our group focuses on:

  • Membrane Biophysics (membrane curvature, membrane asymmetry, asymmetric GUVs)
  • Quantitative fluorescence microscopy (FCS, RICS, N&B)
  • Virus assembly and budding (e.g. Influenza)
  • Cell-cell interaction 



Please apply here:


Deadline: May 11 2018

Viral proteins assemble at the plasma membrane of infected cells, in order to form new virions. The molecular mechanisms involved in this process are not understood yet.
Fluorescence fluctuation microscopy provides information about e.g. protein dynamics, concentration, protein-protein interaction (multimerization).

Contact me to discuss possibilities for Postdoc positions (from outside Germany), PhD positions (only students who are planning to finish their master studies in ca. 6 months, please) or if you are looking for a Master thesis project.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Salvatore Chiantia

E-mail: chiantia (at) uni-potsdam.de