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Dr. Kylie Crane

Postdoctoral Fellow


Campus Am Neuen Palais
Am Neuen Palais 10
Building 19, Room 0.26
14469 Potsdam


consulting hours
Thurs 9-10
or by email arrangement

Dissertation Project

Crusoe’s Archipelagoes

My project for the post-doctoral position associated with the RTG Minor Cosmopolitanisms addresses adaptation and reception in the archipelagic mode. Tentatively called “Crusoe’s Archipelagoes,” it works to critique mechanisms of canonisation and hierarchical models of adaptation through de-centring, specifically through the trope of ‘island-hopping’. It configures horizons, currents and networks as a heuristic and generative model for the generation of non-linear, pluralistic knowledges. The archipelago thus functions as an organisational metaphor for the presentation and exploration of these knowledges.


My work is concerned with the intersections of postcolonial studies and environmental humanities. The questions that arise here inform my research and my teaching. My dissertation was published as Myths of Wilderness in Contemporary Narratives: Postcolonial Environmentalism in Australia and Canada (Palgrave Macmillan NY, 2012), and arose out of the context of the RTG Cultural Hermeneutics at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, where I was a doctoral scholarship holder. I was Junior Professor for Anglophone Studies at the University of Mainz (Germersheim), with a positive evaluation in 2013. Most recently I have completed my second monograph manuscript, Concrete and Plastic: Thinking Through Materiality, which brings my central concerns to the field of material cultural studies. In between, I also taught at several other institutions in Germany, edited a volume called Visualising Australia (together with Renate Brosch; WVT, 2014), and published articles and chapters on travel and life writing, Anthropocene narratives, and other cultural artefacts (film, land art, food). 


For more information, see my main page and Website