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Interaction of trace elements with aging phenotypes, inflammation and wound healing disorders in age-advanced multimorbid patients

Project Summary

Trace elements (TE) have been implicated in aging processes and age-related disease progression owing to their many roles in immune functioning, signaling pathways, oxidative processes and genomic stability. Although the metabolism of TE is closely intertwined, profiles of several TE and their functional biomarkers have not yet been investigated with regard to wound healing disorders or frailty in old multimorbid patients. To address these points, we will study a large clinical cohort (n=500) compared to healthy older adults. We hypothesize that TE profiles are altered in old patients when compared to healthy age- and sex matched controls and that these alterations are related to inflammatory status, frailty, and nutritional status as well as predictive of short-term outcome. Also, we expect TE profile imbalances in patients with wound-healing disorders compared to successful wound healing or healthy age- and sex–matched controls. This project will allow us to deepen our understanding of the role of TE in inflammatory burden, frailty as well as wound healing disorders. By studying the 6 TE and their functional biomarkers we will contribute to better understanding of the need for age-as well as inflammation-specific TE needs.