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Student Projects

Chechov theater
debate club
university sports
Speak UP

You can find the current activities of the student projects in PULS.

What are student projects?

Student projects are recognized academic forms of teaching and learning that exist alongside lectures, seminars, and tutorials at the University of Potsdam. They feature the following:

  • Student initiatives,
  • Self-organization,
  • Peer situation,
  • Interdisciplinarity, 

Independent learning in projects facilitates:

    • Freedom in designing your studies within the module framework,
    • Realizing your own ideas,
    • Acquire key competences related to your profession,
    • Practical application, expansion, and communication of expertise,
    • Enrichment of cultural and social life at the University of Potsdam. 

    University lecturers provide scholarly supervision for student projects. Achievements completed in projects are credited in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as courses completed in the “Student Projects” elective module (Studiumplus). Financial support is available through Studiumplus for completing projects.