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Zessko’s Profile

Foreign-language fluency is a basic requirement for gaining access to international specialist discourse, engaging with other cultures, or participating in professional life or university study abroad. This is why Zessko offers language courses for students in philological courses of study as well as for students and scholars who would like to learn foreign languages as a key competence.

Students typically face major challenges in their first semesters. In the focus area of the structured introductory study phase, teaching and learning opportunities make it easier for German and international students to start their university studies, especially in the field of basic academic skills.
The ability to manage one’s own learning processes become increasingly important for navigating complex plans of study as well as for lifelong learning. Zessko supports this in the self-study focus area.

Zessko is divided into the following divisions, which follow the focus areas:

  • Languages division 
  • Introductory Study Phase division
  • Self-study division

as well as in the Studiumplus course committee office, which supports the work of the course committee.