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English-language Courses and Degree Programs

Photo: Matthias Friel

English-language Courses

There are a number of degree programs at the University of Potsdam in which the coursework is partly in English and partly in German. Via this link to the International Course Catalog, it is possible to determine which courses are offered in English.

English-language Degree Programs | Information leaflet (PDF)

Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture | Master
This English-language Master's program offers insights into Anglophone literatures and cultures worldwide. Apart from providing European and American perspectives, the program also includes an analysis of African, Asian, and Australian phenomena of literary and cultural modernity.

Astrophysics | Master
Whether they focus on technical developments or basic research, astrophysicists seek to substantiate and expand our understanding of the Universe and its constituents. The English-language master’s degree in astrophysics at the University of Potsdam prepares you to participate in this field.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology | Master
Researching the foundations of life: The internationally oriented master's degree program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology focuses on the fundamental components of organisms and their modes of action, and opens up perspectives in pioneering fields of biotechnology.

Cognitive Systems: Language, Learning and Reasoning | Master
The Master's program "Cognitive Systems: Language, Learning and Reasoning" is a unique, interdisciplinary degree program taught in English that lies at the intersection of computer science and computational linguistics. The program's goal is the study and advancement of artificial intelligence. It is exceptional in its strong focus on teaching the scientific fundamentals as well as in its emphasis on practice and research.

Digital Health | Master

European Master in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL) | Master
The European Master in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL) is part of the Erasmus Mundus Excellence Program and is offered in cooperation between the University of Potsdam, the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, and the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu. You will therefore study at the University of Potsdam as well as at the two partner universities. All three institutions enjoy an excellent reputation in the area of psycho/neurolinguistics and in clinical linguistics.

International War Studies | Master
The new English-language master’s degree program in International War Studies offers the opportunity for a double degree with the University College Dublin.

Master of Public Management (MPM) | Master (weiterbildend)
The postgraduate "Master of Public Management" (MPM) is ideal for future executives in politics, the economy, and civil society, who wish to obtain scientifically well-founded yet practice-oriented qualifications that allow them to meet the complex managerial demands in a fast-changing, global environment.

Polymer Science | Master
These days, many functional materials and much technical equipment are composed in large part of polymers. In 1999 the University of Potsdam and three of the Berlin universities (Free University, Humboldt University, and Technical University) decided to do justice to the growing importance of polymers in science and daily life and have launched a joint English-language, interdisciplinary, and research-oriented Master's degree program in Polymer Science.

Remote Sensing, geoInformation and Visualization | Master
This English-language master’s degree program focuses on the gathering, processing, analysing, and presentation of geoscientific spatial data by using remote-sensing technologies and data-processing methods. The program uses models and theories to assess geoinformation, and then to prepare and communicate our findings with modern means of visualization.

Toxicology | Master
Toxicology seeks to understand the nature and mechanism of adverse effects of toxicants such as those found e.g. in industry, in the household, in food, in medicine and those that occur naturally in the environment. The English-language master’s degree in toxicology at the University of Potsdam prepares you to participate in this field with a particular emphasis to cellular and molecular mechanisms of toxicity and to risk assessment.

Fast-Track Master/Ph.D. Programs

Cognitive Science - Embodied Cognition | Master/Ph.D.
This research-oriented master’s degree opens up new perspectives on addressing questions related to cognitive science and embodied cognition. Under the two keywords of interdisciplinarity and internationality, young scientists are given the opportunity to develop promising concepts and technologies and to test them in a state-of-the-art research environment.

International Master/Ph.D. Program for Experimental and Clinical Linguistics (IECL) | Master/Ph.D.
The English-language International M.Sc./Ph.D. Programme for Experimental and Clinical Linguistics (IECL) is the first Master’s Program with an integrated Ph.D. Program at the University of Potsdam. It offers you innovative instruction, combining linguistic knowledge with interdisciplinary research and an international orientation.

International Master/Ph.D. Program Clinical Exercise Science (CES) | Master/Ph.D.
This research and professionally oriented Master’s program studies the use of physical activity in the areas of prevention and rehabilitation. Clinical Exercise Science differentiates between clinical applications for patients and the uses of physical activity in professional and popular sports.

National and International Administration and Policy | Master/Ph.D.
This new English-language degree program at the University of Potsdam is currently unique in Germany, and it offers you the exceptional opportunity to study Public Administration and Public Policy in an international perspective. As a student in this program you will study at one of the most renowned universities in the areas of political and administrative science. You will be in an attractive academic environment and in the immediate vicinity of all levels of government and administration in practice. The interdisciplinary orientation of the program also allows you to study political and administrative science topics from the perspective of various disciplines.