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Wednesday, 2nd of March

14:00 – 14:15    Welcome and Introduction
                              by Thilo Heinken, Jörg Ewald and Florian Jansen

Chair: Florian Jansen

14:15 – 15:00    Keynote: Dramatic losses of arable plant vegetation in the German lowlands – lessons from resampling studies
                                by Karsten Wesche    
15:00 – 15:25    Resurveying hedgerows: Community shifts over the past 50 years
                                by Kathrin Stoltenberg    
15:25 – 16:00    coffee break


Chair: Barbara Michler

16:00 – 16:25    Collecting in situ data for assessing changes in habitat quality over time
                                by Maud Raman
16:25 – 16:50    Vegetation of East African wetlands: human impacts and resulting changes in species composition
                                by Miguel Alvarez
16:50 – 17:15    Re-survey of floodplain vegetation along the Upper Rhine
                               by Peter Horchler

17:15 – 17:40    Resurveying historical vegetation data – opportunities and challenges
                                by Gerald Jurasinski
19:30                   Conference Dinner at Alter Stadtwächter, Schopenhauerstr. 33 (near Luisenplatz)

Thursday, 3rd of March

Chair: Ute Jandt

09:00 – 09:45    Keynote: Combining community resurvey data from multiple sites to advance global change research
                                by Kris Verheyen
09:45 – 10:10    Using vegetation resurveys and trait-based analyses to reveal interactions among land-use legacies and global environmental                                changes
                                by Mike Perring
10:10 – 10:35    The legacy of doing nothing - accession and analysis of vegetation plot data from strict forest reserves
                                by Jörg Ewald
10:35 – 11:05    coffee break

Chair: Peter Horchler

11:05 – 11:50    Poster session I with introduction by every author
11:50 – 12:15    WeiVegBase - the Weihenstephan Vegetation Database
                                by Barbara Michler
12:15 – 12:40    How to make vegetation sampling data accessible on GBIF.org
                               by Kyle Braak
12:40 – 14:10    lunch break (e.g. Mensa Am Neuen Palais)

Chair: Thilo Heinken

14:10 – 15:10    Introduction to the Botanical Garden of the University of Potsdam
                                by Michael Burkart (guided tour)
15:10 – 15:35    Multiple drivers interact in changing herb layer species composition over 50 yeares in temperate forests
                                by Tobias Naaf
15:35 – 16:00    A resurvey revealed converging species richness in ancient and post-agricultural forest stand in NE Germany over five decades
                                by Jens Kolk
16:00 – 16:30    coffee break
Chair: Cord Peppler

16:30 – 17:15    Poster session II with introduction by every author
17:15 – 17:40    Vegetation change in forest nature reserves in Brandenburg over 50 years strongly depends on initial site conditions
                                by Thilo Heinken
17:40 – 18:05    Towards an integrated research platform of the Czech forest vegetation: combining long-term plot resurvey and historical                                         management data
                                by Radim Hédl
19:30                   Dinner at L‘Osteria, Humboldtstr. 1 (near Alter Markt)

Friday, 4th of March

Chair: Jörg Ewald

09:00 – 09:45    Keynote: How vegetation re-surveys can help to understand the effects of land-use change and atmospheric                                                      deposition on grassland vegetation
                                by Martin Diekmann
09:45 – 10:10    Revising Ellenbergs indicator values for continentality and zonality based on global vascular plant species distribution
                                by Erik Welk
10:10 – 10:35    25 years of vegetation development on an avalanche run at Mount Watzmann
                                by Hagen S. Fischer
10:35 – 11:05     coffee break

Chair: Frank Richter

11:05 – 11:50    Changes in species composition of central German Nardus grasslands 1986–2012
                                by Cord Peppler-Lisbach
11:50 – 12:15    No changes in mountain meadows species composition after 25 years
                                by Ute Jandt
12:15 – 12:40    Small-scale Study on long term-development of restored mountain meadow
                                by Melanie Forker
12:40 – 13:10    Conclusion and plenary discussion
13:10                   End of conference and farewell